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Blocked drain unblocking

At Drain Works, we understand the importance of knowing who is responsible for unblocking your drain. It's crucial to determine whether the blockage falls within the boundaries of your property or whether it is linked to a shared main drainage system servicing other properties, such as your neighbours.

To identify drain responsibility, the diagram below can help. If your drains are "shared," contact your local water authority as they are responsible.

sewer ownership Bournemouth

Detached houses

For properties without shared drains, the homeowner is responsible for drains up to the property boundary (shown in purple), while the local water authority is responsible for blockages in the main sewer and lateral drains (shown in red).

Terraced or semi-detached houses

If your drains are shared with your neighbours, your local water authority will be responsible for the shared drain and lateral drains (shown in red), while homeowners are only responsible for drains on their property that are not shared (shown in purple). For example, if your shared manhole is clear but your toilet or gully is still blocked, it is your responsibility, as the blocked pipe has not yet met the shared drain.

Flats or apartments

If you reside in a block of flats or apartments, the management company is responsible for all drains within the property and out to the property boundary (shown in purple), while your local water authority is responsible for drains beyond the boundary (shown in red).

  • How can you tell if you have a shared drain?

    The government made changes to the legislation on shared drains in October 2011 transferring responsibility to local water authorities from the homeowner for pipes outside the boundaries of your home or if your neighbours are also using the same pipe running though your boundaries. You are only responsible for your own pipes within the boundaries of your property. Call your local water authority (www.thameswater.co.uk, www.southwestwater.co.uk, www.wessexwater.co.uk or www.southernwater.co.uk) by providing your address and post code the water authority can check on their drain network map to advise whether your blocked drain is a shared drain and if so they will attend free of charge.

  • What about private sewers?

    If you live on an unadopted road and have a private sewer, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of maintaining and repairing it. Even If the sewer serves a number of properties, all the owners are jointly responsible for any costs involved with unblocking or maintaining your drains. Further information There is more detailed information about water and sewerage on the OFWAT website www.ofwat.gov.uk

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